Delays are Divine Appointments

I once heard a Pastor mention that he waited 6 long years to win the affection of his future wife. The Founding Pastor of People’s Church in Sri Lanka, Pastor Colton Wickramaratne received a vision from God in 1957 about his future ministry. He had to persevere through many delays and challenges before the large vision became a reality. When I began my career in Radio Broadcasting, I waited 3 years to get a proper break on the Radio Station. I almost quit, but thankfully God came through at the right time and my broadcasting career expanded thereafter. A number of couples I know prayed earnestly for a child for many years before the prayer was answered.

All these stories have one common thread; delay.

Are you troubled about an answer to a prayer being delayed in your life? Have you almost given up? Do you feel like God is denying you His blessing?

Your Delay May be a Divine Appointment.

No one likes delays. We live in an instant world, filled with instant food, instant noodles, online banking, quick promotions, quick turnovers and rapid solutions. Any delay therefore, is uncomfortable. God however, has his own timing in our lives and he can turn the delays into ‘Divine Appointments’. His delays are not denials. Through the delay, He is building our faith and our character.


Any delay can lead to a Divine Appointment. Any Divine Appointment will bring Divine Blessing

Prayer – Lord, help me to trust you through the delays in my life. May I have the faith to believe that a delay does not mean that you have not heard my cry. I ask this In Jesus’ name. Amen!

Closing Thought – God is never too early; He’s never too late; He’s always on time!

I trust you will be blessed by watching the short video above. It runs for 4.28 minutes.

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