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5 Lessons from Jesus about Trust and Handling Money (Luke 16)

A visual of money to highlight Jesus' teachings on trust and worldly resources.

A sermon showing lessons from Jesus on trust and wealth.


Last week I read about a very wealthy businessman. He was a landowner who rented his estates to other merchants, to do business on his land. Payment was made at the end of a season on the produce and earnings they made from the estate.

This owner had an Operations Manager who possibly had been given comfortable accommodation too. After a while however, this manager began mismanaging the owner’s estate and money began to leak out, possibly because of wastage. So, at one point, the boss got to know that this was happening, and he called the manager up and said, “You know, you better give a report on your management because what’s happening is not good”. He was also probably given marching orders to step down from his job.


Jacob – Fulfilling God’s Purpose (Genesis 28)

A visual with the word "Purpose" to highlight our title of fulfilling God's Purpose.

This is the transcript of a sermon preached at The People’s Church in Colombo, Sri Lanka – Fulfilling God’s Purpose (Genesis 28)

You know, I was reading about the well-loved preacher Billy Graham a couple of days ago. It is said that when Billy Graham joined Bible College in the 30’s, he was once asked to preach a sermon impromptu. He apparently preached four borrowed sermons in eight minutes! But that day he felt a clear call to preach, and from there on, he used every opportunity that he could, to preach, which wasn’t many at that time. As a result, he used to take a boat and go across the river and preach to the surrounding trees, birds, and alligators. That’s how he built his preaching ministry and God’s purpose..

Sometime later, while on a walk in the night, he fell on his knees and he said, “Lord if you want me to serve you, I will do it.” That day the ministry and God’s purpose in Billy Graham’s life was clearly set.


Seeing God When My Eyes Fail

Visual of someone looking up through a binoculars to indicate looking at God when our eyes fail.

This article was first published in September 2022 on Discover from Our Daily Bread Ministries.

After what seemed like an agonizingly long time, my eye doctor said, “You have a problem pastor. You need to get it fixed urgently.” I sat there, shocked, hardly able to listen, as he explained with much concern that the retina on my left eye had detached. (To make matters worse, there were small holes (tears) on the retina of my right eye as well).

No! This can’t be true! Not my eyes,” I thought, as he kept talking. But, yes, this was really happening to me. My thoughts flashed back to a persistent uneasiness I had felt for some time with my vision. My vision had been nearly perfect following cataract surgery a few years earlier. I had even unceremoniously disposed of the thick spectacles that had been a part of my appearance for almost my entire life! Now, this!


Being A Person Sent By God (Acts 19:8-11, John1:6) – A Sermon Outline

A visual of a person sent by God studying His Word in preparing for his/her mission..

Introduction: Sermon outline on being sent by God

“There came a man who was sent from God; his name was John” (John 1:6)

Like John the Baptist, God is looking for men and women He can send into His harvest field. Are you willing to be one of them? Dwight Moody was once told, “Moody, the world has yet to see what God will do with a man fully committed to Him.” Moody answered that call and God used him powerfully.

Proposition: God can use anyone who is available and willing to serve Him.

In case you are asking the question, “What does God expect of me if He sends me?”, here are 5 things He would look for.


Strength From God’s Word: Episode 14 – God’s Eye is on the Sparrow

Podcast – God’s Eye is on the Sparrow

This 2.38″ minute podcast is based on Matthew 6. It highlights the fact that the Father who feeds and takes care of the birds of the air, will always take good care of His children. If you are blessed by the podcast, do consider subscribing to our YouTube channel.

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God’s Mercy Will Transform Your Future (Sermon Outline)

A visual of a person looking forward over a lake to indicate that God's mercy can transform our future.

Introduction: Begin with a meaningful personal illustration of God’s mercy over your life.

When you understand God’s mercy:

  • Anxiety will decrease and peace of mind will increase
  • Stress will decrease and stability will increase
  • Frustrations in Life will decrease and satisfaction in life will increase

In Today’s topic, we will look at Joshua 2 and the life of a lady – a mother in the Bible called Rahab. Rahab had many strikes against her and not much hope for a fulfilled future. She probably had very little to look forward to.

God’s mercy would however transform her bleak future!


The Power of the Cross – ‘Strength From God’s Word’ Podcast – Episode 11

This 3-minute podcast is based on Colossians 2:13-15. It highlights 3 powerful truths about what the Lord Jesus Christ accomplished for us on the cross through His sacrifice. If you are blessed by the podcast, do consider subscribing to our YouTube channel.

Strength From God’s Word – The Power of the Cross

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