Hi Friends, welcome to ‘The Preaching Platform’. My name is Palitha Jayasooriya. I am an Executive/Preaching Pastor at the People’s Church (Assembly of God) situated in the city of Colombo, in the beautiful island Nation of Sri Lanka. The Peoples Church is a thriving church in the city of Colombo, with over 4000 people attending our services weekly. My involvement is mainly in the English language ministry of the church.

Peoples Church


After having worked for 7 years in the secular world as an Executive, I answered the call to full-time ministry, which I continue in to this day. I am also an experienced Radio Broadcaster, having worked for over 25 years as a Presenter, News Reader and Commentator in the English channel of Radio Sri Lanka (formerly known as The Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation).

I was saved at the age of 16 through the power of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, and subsequently healed of chronic asthma that I had suffered with from the age of 6 months. Besides being an Executive/Preaching Pastor at my church, I have also served as the Assemblies of God Presbyter for the Colombo Region.

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I love preaching and teaching the Word of God and use every opportunity to glorify the Name of the Lord Jesus. I was challenged to share more of God’s Word through a prophecy I received 4 years ago. As a result, I submitted some of my sermons to sermoncentral.com. Those sermons were featured on Sermon Central  and when the number of sermon views came up to 10k, I felt that it was time to reach a wider audience. One of the ways I decided to do this was by starting this blog, ‘The Preaching Platform’, for the purpose of sharing sermons and devotionals to inspire others and to be a prophetic voice for the Lord Jesus. Since then, I have been blessed to have my sermons and devotionals featured on Preaching.com, thoughts-about-god.com, the You Version Bible app and the GodTV blog.

My sermons can also be downloaded from the  well known sermon website Sermon Search by following the link below.


I am praying that other preachers, specially those beginning a ministry of preaching, will benefit from the sermons, devotionals, videos and articles on this blog. 


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I have been happily married to my beloved wife Regina for the past 14 years, and she has always been a strength to my ministry, besides helping me on this blog. The Lord has blessed us with 2 lovely sons, Sheriah, aged 13 years and Sheramiah, aged 11 years.

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I trust you will be blessed as you visit ‘The Preaching Platform’. Please let me have your thoughts on the sermons presented here. (click here to send me an email ). You can also reach me on preachingplatform@gmail.com. I have much to learn on preaching and your comments and responses will help me on this journey. You can also follow me on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Finally, my thanks to Yohan Perera who blogs at The Virtual Preacher, for the insight and expertise given to get this blog off the ground.

May God’s favor rest on you abundantly!