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“Walk in wisdom toward outsiders, making the best use of the time (Colossians 4:5 – ESV)

Devotional on Giving Time:

It was going to be a busy day – I was already running late for my first meeting. While struggling to get into my car hurriedly, I peered into the vehicle passing by. Instantly, I recognized the face – it was an old friend who now lived overseas. I waved at him, silently thankful that he passed by without stopping. I had no time for chats today. We could maybe meet up later.

To my dismay, I heard the screech of brakes behind me. “Oh no,” I thought, “He’s stopping.” I looked back and sure enough, the car was being reversed. “No option but to talk now,” I said to myself as he stepped out. After a brief but pleasant chat my friend ended the conversation saying, “Happy we could meet Palitha. I’m leaving tomorrow. Let’s stay in touch.” He then drove away.

As he left, I strangely felt glad that he made the effort to spend some time with me. I even made it to my meeting on time!

Not long after, I heard that my friend had passed away suddenly. As the sad news filtered through my mind – my thoughts drifted back to our final meeting. I now felt deeply thankful for our conversation that day, ashamed that it happened only because my friend made the effort to connect. That experience continues to jog my memory even today – particularly when I am tempted to delay an important conversation.

In his busy schedule, Jesus often stopped for people. He gave His time to share kindness, comfort and healing. I too learned a valuable lesson that day. Giving time to people should always be a priority. We may never meet them again! 

Dear Lord, help me to give quality time to someone who needs it today. Amen!

Further Reading: Ephesians 5:15-16, Matthew 20:29-34

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