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“Do not be afraid. I bring you good news….Today …a Savior has been born to you;… ” (Luke 2:10-11).

Between the Old and New Testaments, God had been silent for over 400 years but at the appointed time, at the birth of Christ, He began to speak. In the Christmas story God spoke at different times through dreams, visions, songs, prophecy and through the Galaxy.

In Luke 2:10-14, an Angel of the Lord appeared to a group of shepherds who were in their daily workplace at night-time. He gave them a message that would change the course of history forever. As the Angel spoke about the birth of the Messiah, a great heavenly choir began a song of praise and the sky shone with the glory of God; probably like an amazing celestial fireworks display.

Examples of God speaking in the daily routine of His servants:

God still speaks to His people, and often, like with the shepherds, He speaks in our daily routine. Too many times, we expect God to speak only at Conferences and Church services. He certainly does speak in these gatherings, but can we believe God to also speak to us in our daily routine. God spoke to Moses while keeping sheep and to Gideon while threshing wheat. He spoke to Elisha while plowing a field. He can talk to you too near a cooker, a computer, a mop, a canvas, a keyboard, a microphone, an exercise machine or in any other place.

A Pastor friend was enjoying a refreshing drink at a wayside shop in Colombo one day when two visually impaired persons bumped into him. The Pastor, moved by God, spoke to them, saved their contact numbers and eventually helped them on to a bus. As they connected in the days ahead, an idea for a Church Service for the visually impaired was birthed in this Pastor’s heart. As a  result, our church has been able to host such a service for the past 7 years which has now become a national event! In the same way, God waits to speak to you too in your daily routine. Be sensitive to His voice.

Prayer – Lord, help me to hear your voice today in my daily routine.

Expect God to speak to you in unexpected situations and in unexpected places.

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