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A couple known to me, took time off their busy schedule to visit a lady who had just lost her husband. Since they didn’t know the lady too well, the visit turned out to be an awkward one, with neither party communicating too much. The grieving wife in fact hardly spoke a word. When the couple eventually left, they felt disappointed that they had failed to comfort the grieving widow. Many months later, to their absolute surprise, she told them that their visit had been one of the most encouraging moments for her during her time of sadness!

We live in an extremely busy world that moves at a rapid pace and given a chance, most people would rather not stop for anyone. In the process however, we could be losing great opportunities to minister God’s love and healing to hurting people.

The Lord Jesus loved to stop for people. In Mark 10:46 –52, we read about Bartimaeus, a blind man who was begging by the roadside (Vs 46). When Bartimaeus cried to Jesus, asking for mercy, many in the crowd rebuked him and asked him to be quiet (Vs 47-48). (Talk about being helpful!) The next verse however is truly beautiful! It says, ‘Jesus stopped’ (Vs 49). He then called for Bartimaeus and healed him. Because Jesus stopped, a blind man received sight and a life was transformed powerfully!

In Luke 8: 40-48, Jesus was on His way to pray for Jairus’ dying daughter. He was in a hurry and the crowd was almost crushing Him. Just then, a lady with a serious and longstanding bleeding condition, with no medical cure close at hand, touched the edge of His cloak.  Jesus stops and asks, ‘Who touched me’ (Vs 45). He stopped for this unnamed lady and a life was transformed as she experienced His healing!

Jesus stopped for Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10), He stopped to bless children (Mark 10:13-16), He stopped for a grieving widow who had lost her only son (Luke 7:11-17), and He stopped for many, many others. What a difference it made!

Friend, are you willing to stop for someone today? Are you willing to give some quality time from your busy schedule to share the love of Jesus with a hurting person? Will you walk across the street to comfort a neighbor whose family has been torn apart by the cruel hand of death? Could you take that phone call that might give new hope to a person battling cancer or depression? Will you spare a moment to speak to the lonely person seated at the coffee shop? Can you take a break from your busy day to help put some food on a struggling family’s table?

When we stop for someone, it could at times, literally mean ‘life or death’ for them. It could bring healing to a broken heart, lift up a crushed spirit and change a person for a lifetime. Even more, as we share the saving grace of Jesus, it could change that same person for all eternity!

Will you stop for someone today?

‘You cannot live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you’ (Author unknown).

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