Month: March 2017

Devotional : Don’t Cast Stones

  A writer once described an experience he had while walking on the road. He apparently saw a strong, healthy looking man, leaning back lazily against a chair, attending to what seemed like an insignificant task on a… Read More

Devotional : Stop

A couple known to me, took time off their busy schedule to visit a lady who had just lost her husband. Since they didn’t know the lady too well, the visit turned out to be an awkward one,… Read More

Devotional : A Mother who blessed all mankind

The influence and efforts of mothers are celebrated around the world this week. We thank God for them. In this Devotional, we  highlight a mother whose decision of courage and faith, affected ALL of mankind for good. “How… Read More

Restored From Shame

One of our Devotionals published on the ‘Thoughts About God’ website. God delights to restore us from our shame. Will you allow Him to do so? “No one whose hope is in you will ever be put to… Read More