5 Qualities of Preachers on Fire

Image Credit: Ordinary Ministry

‘When preachers are on fire for Jesus, people come to watch them burn for Jesus’.

‘God’s method is a man, and you are that man’  (Dr. Colton Wickramaratne)

I heard a dynamic preacher proclaim the first statement above at a Conference I attended recently. It came out from his lips under the fire of the Spirit’s anointing. The second quote is a favorite statement of the Founder Pastor of Peoples Church, Sri Lanka, Dr Colton Wickramaratne; one he has consistently shared in his ministry over the years.

There’s something special about a preacher who’s on fire for Jesus. It has been my joy to hear many of them in my Christian walk. As I’ve tried to identify what keeps the fire burning within them, here are 5 characteristics I have noticed of a preacher who’s on fire for Jesus.