A visual of a boat in serene water to show God's help through the turbulent COVID season.
Image by Daniel Büscher from Pixabay


With lockdowns being gradually eased in many countries, people are beginning to face the uncertainty of what is termed a ‘new normal’. Job losses, pay and allowance cuts, financial losses and business closures stare us in the face. At a difficult time like this, we can however go back to the scriptures to get fresh perspective and encouragement to navigate our future post COVID-19.

Around two years ago, I was reading through 1 Kings 5 and noted down some thoughts I gleaned then but never shared. However, at this time, I would like to put those thoughts down, 12 in all, to inspire those facing uncertainty about the future. At this point however, I would like to clarify that I am sharing these thoughts, not as an expert on business matters, but only as a Pastor.

Background To Bible Passage:

In 1 Kings 5, Solomon had now become King over Israel, and felt the need to build the temple of God. His father David had the same dream in his heart but the Lord did not permit David to fulfil his desire (1 Chronicles 22:7-8) . David however made extensive preparations for Solomon to complete the project for God’s glory (1 Chronicles 22:5).

At this time, Hiram, the King of Tyre, sent his Ambassadors to congratulate Solomon on becoming King (I Kings 5:1). Solomon used the opportunity to ask Hiram for help to complete the massive task. According to what he proposed, Hiram would provide Solomon with the timber he needed for the building program while Solomon would pay handsomely for the timber in return (1 Kings 5:6).