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Strength From God’s Word – Episode 5: God’s Goodness in the New Year (Psalm 65:11)

Video on God’s Goodness

A 2-minute podcast to give you encouragement to face the year ahead!

Another 2-3 minute weekly podcast to bring encouragement for your daily challenges. This is Episode 5 to give you encouragement to face the year ahead! It is based around the promise God gave His people in Deuteronomy 65:11.

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Finding God’s Favor (Room) to Flourish and be Blessed – (Genesis 26)

A visual of open spaces with sheep to signify God's favor on His children.
Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Finding God’s Favor – Introduction: Most people, especially those with a heart for adventure, like wide, open spaces. On our travels too, we prefer to move away from crowded cities looking for open spaces. We look for beaches, mountains, open roads, rivers etc to enjoy open spaces and the beauty of nature 

In sporting events like rugby, soccer, cricket and basketball, when a team gives the opposing team additional room or extra space to make a move, it can lead to giving them an opportunity to score and maybe even win the game. I am reminded of Carlos Alberto’s legendary goal for Brazil in the final of the 1970 soccer World Cup. Yes, finding extra room can even be a deciding factor between victory and defeat.


Devotional : Building a City on Prayer – Part 3


Photo Credit – Gary Patton – Courtesy of flickr

So far in this series, we have discussed the following prayer strategies of Nehemiah.

  • He prayed fervently
  • He focused on the greatness of the One he was praying to
  • He prayed for favor
  • He prayed the promises of God
  • He prayed against resistance
  • He prayed for strength
  • He personalized his prayers

Many years ago, the music band Starship recorded a hit song called ‘We built this city on rock ‘n roll’. However, Nehemiah built the walls of Jerusalem on prayer, and through the guidance, wisdom and courage he received as a result of his prayers.