Month: January 2017

Sermon : Lessons From David’s Distressing Situation at Ziklag (1 Samuel 30)

(This is an edited version of a  sermon preached at the People’s Church on Sunday, 22nd January 2017)

Scripture: 1 Samuel 30:1-27

As the background to the story in this chapter, David and his band of 600 warriors had been living in a town called Ziklag in Philistine territory, under King Achish (27:1-7). They now faced the difficult predicament of having to fight as part of the Philistine army against their own Israeli brothers (28:1-2). God however, providentially intervened so that they were released from the battle by the Philistine elders, worried that David and his men might betray them (28:4-7).

(It must be noted that King Saul died in the ensuing battle which meant that David might have been held accountable for Saul’s death if had he been involved in any way in the fighting).


Quote : God’s Love

Quote : God’s Reward

God’s Goodness in 2017

‘To achieve spiritual success, do not forget to give God the first hour of the day, the first day of the week, the first part of every paycheck, the first consideration in every decision, and the first place in your heart.’ – That’s a great way to start and to live through the year ahead!!

Source: God’s Goodness in 2017

Devotional : The Search of the Magi

This short Devotional is relevant for Epiphany.

“Where is the One who has been born King of the Jews”? (Matthew 2:2)

The Magi who followed the Christmas star from the East asked this question when they came to Jerusalem. It’s amazing that they were so committed to finding and worshiping the King of the Jews (Matthew 2:2). Obviously, the star had a profound effect on them and they understood the significance of this strong galactic sign!! (Matthew 2:2).


Watchnight Service at Peoples Church 2016

It was an amazing time as we saw the new year in at the Peoples Church in Colombo, Sri Lanka. 6000 people attended our 2 services and God’s presence was awesome! I had the privilege of  interpreting the sermon into English (pic 2).