Month: April 2016

Devotional: Our Great Creator God


Early morning in Beruwela, Sri Lanka

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the works of His hand” (Psalms 19:1).

Thanks to the generosity of some friends, I just returned from a refreshing 2 day vacation with my family, in a lovely hotel on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Early on the first morning of this stay, I walked on to the balcony of our room for my devotions and felt a great sense of wonder at the breathtaking scenery in front of me (See photo above). The beauty of the whole surrounding, gave me a feeling of closeness and intimacy with the God who had created such an amazing world! That experience, led me to write this post.


Devotional: Are You A Branded Person?

Devotional: Are You A Branded Person?

When they let me out of prison, I held my head up high
Determined I would rise above the shame
But no matter where I’m living, the black mark follows me
I’m branded with a number on my name

I’d like to hold my head up and be proud of who I am
But they won’t let my secret go untold
I paid the debt I owed them, but they’re still not satisfied,
Now, I’m a branded man, out in the cold

The above lyrics, the reflections of a former prisoner, were taken off a hit-song recorded by Country star Merle Haggard, titled ‘Branded Man’. Merle certainly knew what it was like to be a ‘Branded Man’, since he spent time in prison, including the dreaded San Quentin Prison.


Lessons From The Life Of Joseph – Part 5

This is a 10 minute edit of a sermon preached at the People’s Church, Sri Lanka on Sunday, 13th March 2016. The sermon was based around the time when Joseph was put in prison.

Lessons from the life of Joseph – Part 5This week we look at lessons Joseph learnt through his prison experience. We see that even in prison the Lord was with Joseph and he caused everything he did to succeed. The Prison factor is significant to us because that is one of the hardest experiences in our life. It is there that the Lord teaches us perseverance. If you are going through a prison experience caused by someone else, or even because of your own doing, take some time to see how you can get out of it. We want to encourage you to be a part of a small group (cell group) for and extended study over these 6 weeks. If you are not connected to a small group or want to know more about it, speak to one of the ushers or full time pastors regarding one. We will be glad to help you.

Posted by People’s Church on Thursday, 17 March 2016