Devotional : Prayer Pointers From Nehemiah


The book of Nehemiah is one that is filled with courage, effective leadership, faith, motivation, a great sense of adventure and a desire to honor God. Upon receiving information that the walls of Jerusalem were broken down and in ruins and the gates burned with fire, Nehemiah clearly understood the dangers and disgrace involved (Nehemiah 1:3). It meant the city was unprotected, probably a laughing stock, with its security under grave threat from enemies. He therefore resolved to do something about it. This great task that he undertook and finished efficiently was undergirded by much prayer. Continue reading “Devotional : Prayer Pointers From Nehemiah” »

God’s Splendour

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Lessons From The Life Of Joseph – The Palace Factor

This is a a sermon preached at the People’s Church, Sri Lanka recently. The sermon is based around the time when God was training Joseph in Potiphar’s house for the great task ahead!

Devotional : Trusting God in Extreme Situations (From Psalm 11)

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The writer of the passage, David, was obviously facing extreme dangers when he wrote this beautiful Psalm. His enemies were waiting in the shadows (v 2) to shoot their arrows at him (v 2). This could refer to verbal attacks & very definitely, to attacks on his life.  King Saul had already been using him as target practice to enhance his skills in javelin throwing (1 Samuel 19:10)! In verse 3, David speaks about his very foundation being destroyed. At this point, it seems like David’s close friends had encouraged him to flee to safety.

Let’s look at how David responded to this extreme challenge. Continue reading “Devotional : Trusting God in Extreme Situations (From Psalm 11)” »

Sermon: Father’s Day

This is the full sermon preached on Father’s Day. In this sermon we look at five qualities from the life of Joseph who had the responsibility of bringing up the Lord Jesus Christ.

Devotional: Father’s Day


As the world prepares to celebrate Father’s Day, it is our joy to present this devotional about a special biblical father. We would like to focus on the life of Joseph, the earthly father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Bible shows us the following characteristics about Joseph.

1) He was a righteous man – Matthew 1:19 says, ‘Because Joseph… was a righteous man’. This desire to do what was right is clearly seen in the way he handled Mary’s pregnancy, Jesus’ birth, and the challenge of being a father to the Savior of the world. His moral behavior too was exemplary as seen in Matthew 1:25. Continue reading “Devotional: Father’s Day” »