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The Preaching Platform – 1st Anniversary

Praise be to our God! 2 days ago, on 1st September, we completed our first Anniversary of the online ministry of ‘The Preaching Platform’. I well remember the day this ministry was launched 1 year ago by Pastor… Read More

Article : Sports Imagery in the Scriptures

Since last week, the eyes of the sporting world have been firmly fixed on the Rio Olympics. As expected, new records have been set, new talented athletes haven been discovered and some of the more seasoned campaigners have… Read More

Article: Celebrating Women on Mother’s Day

“A woman who fears the Lord is to be praised, give her the reward she has earned” (Proverbs 31:30-31) The world is celebrating Mother’s Day as usual on a large scale and I’m so happy that The Peoples… Read More

Preaching with an Interpreter

It’s a tough call being a Preacher. I deeply respect the men and women who faithfully teach or proclaim the Word of God to hungry hearts regularly. Preachers however can find themselves preaching in many different situations that… Read More

5 Qualities of Preachers on Fire

‘When preachers are on fire for Jesus, people come to watch them burn for Jesus’. ‘God’s method is a man, and you are that man’  (Dr. Colton Wickramaratne) I heard a dynamic preacher proclaim the first statement above… Read More

5 Foundations To Build A Blessed Family

Introduction Many buildings that look strong on the outside develop cracks and some collapse, due to the foundation being weak. Bad foundations produce bad buildings! It’s no different with building a blessed family. Didn’t the Lord Jesus Himself… Read More